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Simulate your monthly invoice and results

For customized calculation, enter the value of sales you want to have from the affiliate program and the percentage commission offered to affiliates.


Affiliates' generated sales in a month

10.000 lei

Affiliates' earnings

1000 lei

The amount of the network charge

300 lei



1000 lei (10%)

Valoarea comisionului
de retea

300 lei (30%)


Your commission to the affiliates


Profitshare commission


A bill of 1.300 lei is issued lei


Performance model pricing: pay proportionally with your results!

You get unlimited affiliates in your programe, unlimited traffic and sales and you are paying as an advertiser on a performance based model. It's true and great pricing!

You set up the value of affiliate commissions when you open the program. You can set different commissions per products category and can review the commissions anytime.

Profitshare fee is 30% calculated on affiliates commissions. If you give affiliates 10% commission on sale, Profitshare fee is just 3% from the sales value!


Benefits when you open an affiliate programe in Profitshare

Our marketing solution was designed so you can fully customize, control and gain insights on the succes of your affiliate program. From day 1 when you activate your affiliate marketing program all our active affiliates can start promoting you.

With our Retargeting Display Widgetyour potential clients will get delivered on our affiliates website products and banners that are relevant for your audience, growing click and conversion rates.

Campaigns directoryAffiliates can easily see your campaigns and banners and you also have full control in scheduling campaigns.

Product directory:Affiliates can generate tracking links and promote all your products inventory.

Recruit Top Affiliates with no extra cost.

You have acces toreal time reports, so you can optimise and find solutions whenever your want!

API for automatisationWith our API solutions you can fully synchronise your ecommerce admin to our platform so commissions can be processed automatically. Also product feeds are sent automatically.

You getoptimisation and supportso you can grow sales and leads faster!

We offer youcustom tailored promotional servicesso that your affiliate program should be visible to more affiliates.

You getaffiliate conteststo attract new affiliates and engage affiliates into promoting actively more advertisers!